Associate Minister - Mandy Rhodes


Mandy is a wife and mother of two children. Her passion is preaching and hearing what God has to say through his Word! Mandy works alongside Harry, and is engaged in all aspects of church ministry.

Mandy has recently qualified as a minister in March 2017 at the Sarum College in Salisbury. She is excited to begin her ministry in the church.

She helps oversee the following leadership portfolios: Pastoral; PrayerMentoring; Spritual Direction.




 Youth and Children's Coordinator - Trystan

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Trystan joined Dorchester Baptist church in October 2017..

His vision is for young people to be able to express themselves in areas and passions that interest them which enables them to realise their potential and talent. 

Trystan holds the leadership portfolio for Youth and Children's Work.





Paul Ashley is married to Louise and they have 3 children. He joined the Leadership Team in May 2012. He loves spending time with people that 'don't do church' and is involved in Kingsarms PubChurch.

Paul is involved with the following leadership portfolios: Outreach; Spiritual Direction.



Claire Collinge joined the Leadership Team in November 2014. Claire is married to Mike and they have two girls. 

Claire oversees the leadership portfolio of church Administrator.


Allan Huntington is married and has grown-up children. Allan was elected in November 2014.

He looks after the portfolios for Welcome & Integration. He is also our Church Treasurer.


Terry Thomas joined our leadership team in November 2014.

Terry is married to Viv and they have 3 children and 10 grandchildren.  Terry shares responsibility for overseeing Life Groups and Discipleship/Nurture activities in the church.  His passion is reaching people for Jesus in all parts of the local community.



Andy Webb joined the leadership team in November 2014. He is married to Maddy.

Andy is our Church Secretary.


Maddy Webb is married to Andy. She joined the leadership team in November 2014.

Maddy is responsible for the following portfolios: Children's Work and Pastoral and mission.



Jane Smith is married to Steve and has two children Joseph and Daniel. Jane joined the leadership in 2016.

She is a leader of worship at DBC to which he heads up the team. Her portfolio responsibilities are Worship and Spiritual Direction.




Warren White joined the leadership in 2016. He is married to Jenna and is also a leader of worship at DBC.

His portfolio is Communication.


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David Warland is married to Jane they have two children Daniel and Rebecca. David joined the leadership at DBC in 2016.


His portfolio is Prayer.