Our Mission Statement

"Spreading God's love locally, nationally and to the world.  Building God's kingdom in partnership with others and encouraging our church to get more involved in world mission."

As a Baptist Church we initially fulfill this calling through maintaining our support of Home Mission, but we also support other national and international work.



Mission work for Dorchester Baptist (DBC) in Lapusna, Moldova started in 2012.  Veronica and Ciprian from the DBC congregation had a visit from Veronica’s father, Costa Florea. 

Pastor Florea has ambitions to develop a new church building for worshipping God and to continue his pastoral work in the area.





Choice Baptist Church and School, Wabigalo, Kampala

Wabigalo is one of 11 slums in Kampala, Uganda. The urban population stands at 5.5 million and it is estimated that by 2020 there will be 8 million slum dwellers. (New Vision Newspaper, March 2013)